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Common Questions

Is this a church?

No.  It is a house of prayer.  In older days, it was a Christian resting place for weary travelers.  The person could join in the prayers and meals with community if they so desired. 
Today, we offer retreats in a beautiful quiet setting. 
There is a regular rhythm of prayer that occurs daily:
Morning prayer
Mid-day prayer
Evening prayer
Compline (Night prayer)

Guests can join us for these prayers if they wish.
  What religion is the House of Prayer?

The House of Prayer is Ecumenical, meaning all Christian faiths are welcome. 

 What is a Private Retreat?

A Private retreat is when an individual comes to the facility seeking rest, renewal, inspiration and spiritual retreat.  You will receive a private space to pursue your spiritual closeness to God.  The individual may or may not choose to attend prayers, spiritual direction or meals with community.

What is Spiritual Direction?
 A spiritual director is one who assists you in discerning the various questions that come up in your life, eg: what is the path God is placing before you?  He or she can assist you in your prayer life especially if you find yourself in a desert place or wanting more.  The spiritual director can guide you in leading a life that is more God centered.  A spiritual director is not a counselor but rather a "soul friend".  A spiritual director can help you find God in the midst of joys, trials, trouble and suffering in your life.


How often should I go on spiritual retreat?

It is recommended quarterly (every 3 months) to refresh, renew and re-evaluate your spiritual life.  It is not only for religious but for the average seeker as well.  Once a year is the minimum recommended time in between retreats.  

How long should I stay on retreat?

We recommend 24 hours to 3 days for a quarterly private retreat, however this can vary in different circumstances.
In guided retreats, the time is set by the presenter of that particular theme.
Our guided retreats are usually day retreats and usually last from 9:00 am to 3:15 pm

What is Time Out for Art?

Time Out for Art is held on Thursdays  from 10am to 1pm.  We begin with prayer, scripture and a short guided meditation.  From there we journal and move into our particular artwork.  Some are inspired to create from their meditation experience and others simply work on their private projects.
Feel free to bring a bag lunch and enjoy it after the session.

What is a Dream Circle?

Dreams are a very unique way for God to communicate with us.  Jack Sanford quotes 70 excerpts from the bible where dreams and visions are referenced.  I, personally have studied for over 20 years in the field of dreams, interpretation and how God speaks through the dream to help and direct choices in  my personal life?  
The Dream Circle begins at 10 am and ends at 2 pm.  We each bring our personal dream journal, a bag lunch and a snack to share.  We begin with prayer and some new insights relating to dreams and dream work.  Each attendee has the opportunity to explore at least one of their dreams that day.  Others in the group are invited to take on the dream as their own, commenting, "If this were my dream,......." Each in turn sensitively and respectfully offers comments and inspiration as if it were their own dream.  The dreamer then lets the circle know which comments resonated with them.  There is no cross talk and the group has a leader to keep the focus. This is an awesome way to gain insight into a dream where there may be confusion or fear of what this dream could mean.  Dreams are multi-faceted and have many layers of meanings.  So, no one person has a corner on interpretation.  At the dream circle, we find a helpful collective and insightful way of interpretation.  Come join us every other month.





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